If you require a rate card for normal purposes, please contact me with your requirements.
All prices quoted in STG£
Processing of unwanted emails: £150 per email either way (send or recieve).
Awaiting response to complaint £250 per calendar day (including weekends).
Failure of requirements to WP29 requests, £250 per incident and notification to ICO
Emails sent to a named person will attract double the normal rate.
All rates deemed accepted as contractual agreement unless specifically declined by stating in email, your company facebook and twitter you regret sending unwanted emails" Payment will be due within 48 hours of initial email


Receiving unwanted email.  £150    
Sending response to email   £150    
Delay in responding for 2 days 2 * £250    
Failure to remove £250 plus ICO notification    
Grand total invoiced £1050    

Personal appearances at events not requested or in response to unwanted emails.

Appearance fee per day or part day min stg£1000
Travel 200% of actual cost
Accomadation client pays for and provides same amount as expenses fee
sundries - food, leisure client pays