Hello dear,How are you doing? I believe you are fine. This is your friendAlaine Smith.., as you well know, I am very happy to informyou about my successin getting the fund transferred under the co-operation of a newpartner from Lome Togo. Presently I am in London with my partner forinvestmentprojects.Meanwhile, I didn't forget all your past efforts and attemptsto assist me in receiving the funds from the security and deliveryCompany, despite thatit failed us some how.I signed some money worth of ( US$580.000.00 ) (Five Hundred and Eighty thousand United states Dollars ) which Iprepared and kept for yourcompensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me then,for the sake of love i have for you, i can't forget you in a hurry andi will be coming to visit you in your country when am less buy withthe investmentprojects.The sum of $580.000.00 has already been credited into ( ATMVISA CARD ) You will cash the money in any ATM machine there in yourcountry, the ATM VisaCard is with my partners father, you are to contact my partner parenthe is a Reverend and they reside at ( Lome-Togo )His name is :Reverend Samuel Johnson His email address is as follows: ([email protected] )His telephone number: (+22899352796)

Notethe ATM visa card secret pin code number is with the issued bankfor security reason, i will send it to you soon after you confirmreceipt ofthe Visa card. Try to contact Reverend Samuel Johnson soon after youread this massage so that he can send the Visa card to you.I appreciated your efforts at that time very much, also am very happyto let you know that am now leaving my normal life as civilian and notasmilitary personnel any more, am so exited the kind of free life amleaving now, nothing is as good as freedom.You are to contact Rev. Samuel Johnson with bellow information;*1. Your full names**2. Your complete address where the Visa Card will be delivered.**3. Telephone number (s):**4. Name of your country:*

Please do let me know immediately after you receive the ATM Visa Cardso that I can send the Visa card secret pin code number to you whichyou willuse to operate the Visa card in your country.In the moment, I am verybusy here because of the investment projects whichI and my partner are having at hand, finally, remember that I hadforwarded instruction to Reverend Samuel Johnson on how the ATM Visacardcan be delivered to you.Therefore feel free to get in touch with himsoon after you read this massage. And don't forget to inform me afteryou receive the Visa Card.Take good care of yourself and have a pleasant day.Yours truly friendAlaine Smith.................

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