This is to thank you for your past effort and kindlyassistance, The money has been transferred into an account provided by anewly found business partner of mine from Sweden. I wish to compensate youfor your past assistance, effort and commitments that time to help me out.I have arranged with United Bank for Africa (UBA)and issued an ATM MASTERCARD valid at US$3.500.000 for your compensation. I am in Switzerland rightnow to establish some business and possibly buy some properties also.

So I want you to Contact my Pastor on his information below, because I keptthe ATM CARD with him to be send to you as soon as you contact him.

Name:Pastor.Patrick NCHA.

Email address: ( [email protected] )Phone Number: (+229) 55 02 33 38

I left every instruction with him to send you the ATM VISA CARD as soon asyou contact him, so make sure you re-confirm your address and Cell PhoneNumber to him to avoid any mistake on the delivery of your ATM CARD to you.Then ask him to send the ATM CARD to you immediately which you can use towithdraw your money at any ATM Machine in the world.

With All MyAppreciationDr.James EGO

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