Attention: My Dear


Call here Cell Phone; +229-64-60-89-77.immediately you receive thisemail. Information reaching us from our corporate headquarters now,stated that you only have 48hours to effect payment for theactivation of your Reference number to enable you cash up your first$7500:00 from your total (fund) since you are finding it difficult tomake this payment we have decided that you are to go ahead and paywhatever you have in iTunes card ,Razer card ,Amex card ,Nordstromcard for the activation fee since you are not able to come up with therequired sum, time is of the essence here.

You are to pay whatever you have for the activation fee; we willactivate your MTCN upon receipt of this payment. here is the paymentfor the $7500:00 usd with the name of our Assistant Accountant officerbut you cannot pick it up because the chairman of the MONEY GRAM saythat before you pick that money you must pay any amount you have athand out of listed Amount bellow, CONTACT ON ;([email protected])

Remember that you cannot pick it up the money due to it is on holdand you can also Track it right now with our website beforeGoing to Money Gram to send the transfer charge of any Amount you haveat hand out of listed mount.

Sender name:--------Alex MbaMTCN number:-------3701484TEXT QUESTION ---------GOD?TEXT ANSWER ----------BLESSAMOUNT --------$7500:00 USD

Be informed that you will have to pay the balance sum of youractivation upon cashing up of your first $7500:00 USD, also I am usingthis medium to informYou that failure to pay the balance sum will leave us with no optionbut to deactivate your MTCN of which you will and can never cash upthe balance sum IWant you to send the renewing and transfer fee with the informationbellow. Your total amount of your fund is $9.12Million USD.

So use this name and Address of our Accountant officer to send any Amount youhave at hand out of listed amount bellow,

1.receiver :...........Cotonou4.test question:....when?5.test answer:.....Now6.sender name Address.....7.amount you Sent $89.00usd, $50.00usd, $78.00usd, $64.00usd$99.00usd or $80.00usd,send it through MONEY GRAM Or Western Union

Send us the MTCN number immediately you send the money and immediately weConfirm the transfer fee we will send you the first receipt of your $7500:00Today and not tomorrow With best Regards contact this email address;([email protected])MR CY FRANK Money Gram office Benin republic for your paymentCell Phone; +229-64-60-89-77.

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