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Dear Citizen,

I hope you are well in these testing times.

The last message you had from me was in July and this message is a week or two later than I anticipated so apologies for that.

There is so much that has happened in the last few months but rather than give a running narrative I will mention a few things that you may or may not know about.

I previously mentioned that three of the four Sergeants in Yardley were moving on, two were retiring. Well I am really pleased to let you know replacements have been in post for a month or so. In Sheldon Lee Howkins is the new Sergeant, in South Yardley Laura Burke is now in post and in Stechford, Osman Mahmood has moved from his post of Constable in South Yardley to take over from Mick Wilson. I am confident with the new look team in place the service we deliver to the community will be decisive and targeted towards your needs.

I hope you will have received a WMNOW message from your new Sergeant in the last few weeks as the expectation is they message you at the end of each set of shifts to give you an overview of what your local team has been up to. This is also your opportunity to feed back to them what you want them to focus on in your area. 

There have been some really good arrests by all four teams in the last few months. Our daily focus is arresting those suspected of involvement in Domestic Abuse, Violent Crime, Robbery and Burglary. A fantastic arrest by the Acocks Green team did not relate to these types of offences but was actually for theft of plants from the planters along the Warwick Road in Acocks Green. I highlight this so you realise although we focus on crimes where people have been injured we will take every opportunity to get justice for all victims of crime.

We have recently undertaken work to identify repeat victims, offenders and locations of crime across the constituency. Once identified each will be allocated to an officer and they will work with partner agencies where necessary to reduce the demand on Police and other services. It is important that those in need get the support they require but likewise those that cause the most harm can expect a direct policing style to meet that demand.

Ongoing work across Yardley includes addressing Under 25 violence in Sheldon, targeting the nuisance caused by beggars on the Coventry Road and work with some of our Children's and Adult care homes. In August there was a multi agency day organised in Hay Mills and I know some of you who have commented on this issue were contacted by the local team to let you know we were conducting some activity. Unfortunately, some of the agencies that had committed to be present did not show up on the day so it was left to the local policing team to provide some coverage. The issue presented by these individuals is not solely a policing issue so I believed with a multi agency approach we would make some progress. Please be assured Sergeant Burke is working on this issue and I expect a day to be organised in the near future where the correct agencies can work together on this matter. 

To ensure we are doing what we can to reach all communities I have tasked local officers to contact the religious groups across Yardley with a view to working more closely to address issues affecting everyone. If you are part of a religious group and wish to engage with your local team let me know or email the teams directly. 

I hope that if you use Twitter you are following your local team to keep abreast of what they're doing in your area. If you're not following and want to do so please search for  @AcocksGreen WMP, @SheldonWMP, @Yardley WMP and @StechfordWMP.

In the last few months you will have no doubt seen in the press a Murder that happened in Stechford and more recently a serious assault in Acocks Green. We have made a number of arrests in relation to both incidents with a male charged with the Murder. Serious crime like these incidents are not regular occurrences in Yardley but I understand how these can affect communities, especially with some of the media reports that are not always accurate. When we have a serious crime, staff from Yardley will attend the area to reassure local people, to conduct house to house enquiries and to sign up more members to WMNOW.

You will have seen and heard in the media of the increase in policing numbers and I know many people wonder whether this is actually happening. I am delighted to tell you that we are now starting to see that investment coming through and more officers being posted to Yardley every month. We have also seen the addition of four officers on Now scheme, one of whom is the son of Chief Superintendent Lee Wharmby who was once the Inspector in charge of some of Yardley. Another local appointment is that of PC Demetrius Washington who was working on the Stechford team and has recently become the Schools Link Officer for all of the secondary schools within Yardley. If you do follow the Stechford team on Twitter you may have seen his roller blading skills on show when engaging with young people in Oaklands Rec.

I will say bye for now but as always if there are things you are happy with regarding the policing of your area please let me know and likewise if you are unhappy or wish to raise any concerns please do so.

Kind regardsSimon GrahamYardley Inspector 

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