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At the moment you are probably a bit more circumspect about answering the door, and checking who is there, and what do they want... or maybe you've got one of those fancy CCTV doorbells...

But please take a moment to think about the more vulnerable people in your life, and how they answer the door:

  • Do they STOP and ask who it is before they open the door?
  • Do they use a CHAIN or other mechanism to open the door just a little bit, to confirm you are who you say you are?
  • Do they CHECK your ID, or check you are who they are expecting before they fully open the door to let you in?
It's a small thing, but getting elderly (or otherwise vulnerable) people into the habit of answering the door using "Stop, Chain, Check" every time they answer the door (yes, even to you!) could help prevent them being taken advantage of by doorstep scammers and distraction burglars in the future.

Whether you are a carer, visit people at home in your professional life, or you have elderly family, friends or neighbours, please chat to them about how they answer the door, and share this advice with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.  

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