Recently i recieved an email (shown below). I do think about wordpress a lot, it along with drupal, and concrete and others are a major part of my daily life.
When I get an email like this ( and thanks to for sending it to me) I have to wonder how far the expectation and experience of the sender goes. At least this one is not promising to put me at the top of "yagoing" or or with at NS9 compatible site.

 Lets look at the email, them Me


Hope you are doing great!
Rubbish way to start any email - big spam sign.

There's no doubt that Joomla is an awesome Content Management System

however, some of you may at present feel more at home using WordPress.
Well, if i used wordpress i would be using wordpress, I wouldnt create a joomla site and then move it to wordpress (or drupal or c5 or wix).

The issue lies in how to move Joomla to WordPress.
No, it doesnt.

Migrating a site is frequently testing and tedious.
Agreed, whatever platform its on.

Fortunately, for this situation, we can use a basic module to move Joomla to WordPress effortlessly.
Yes, i have seen those at a few (insert local currency) online which is about 95% less than what you are asking.

You can splendidly deal with the movement with no coding skills - simply complete a couple of basic solution steps, and your Joomla website will be changed over into WordPress securely and precisely.

Right, so i just click a few buttons and my new gleaming wordpress site will be secure and never need updating? Now what do you mean by "precisely"?

 Why you need our conversion service?
I dont

We put a great accentuation on securing all of the data you entrust us with.
"accentuation " isnt that to do with grammar? Have you heard of grammarly?

WordPress Installation & Setup
Nah, i can manage that
Convert Joomla Template
Really, you can convert ANY joomla template to Wordpress?
WordPress Menu & Widget Configuration
Hang on, but you said it would only take a few clicks?
WordPress Plug-in Consultation
What are you going to say to them? Isnt my joomla site just going to magically become wordpress with your tool and expertise? why consultation?

Content Transfer
sql dump or copy and paste, oh if im doing a NEW site i use NEW content.
QA / Testing
Who is the QA and tester? I thought it would magically be the same? Thats what you pormised.

We offer comprehensive Joomla to WordPress conversion services.
You told me that even though I doubt it judging from above.

That implies we will change over your site, install it and ensure everything is in working order before giving over the keys.
Sorry, you are misusing the word "implies" should you say "will". Also point of order, you install WP then change over the site, not the other way round. Giving me the keys? Do you sign the NDA and terms of business? and what happens to my old joomla site?

Looking at their NON Wordpress site it has some of the usual fancy recommendations from users, like Wilk Doe - or do you you mean "Philip Wilk" Department Of Enviroment? Philip Wilk, DOE or did they lift hism from the German book "Den Reghel der volmaectheyt/The rule of volume"
To Anny Baker (Australia) who is a "As a small business man," from Australia I think they missed of the D from Anny
And Kate Payne - I will just post that image.

I had to chuckle that some of these people do not do their research. yes, they are spamming , but it would be really help if they checked out who they were spamming so for the benefit of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. aka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I couldnt find the 12 YEARS IN BUSINESS I did find the where you say your in business since 2009 , so you lied. Unless you are counting your
Arent you meant to link your ISO 9002 badge back to your listing? And please provide your registration number and certificates. Doubt it.

A few minor pointers, you are sending spam to an EU (currently) country yet you do not have cookie or data protection policies. Both of which i can report you for and you can get major fines. Your "P.S.If you do not want to receive any further email from us, please reply unsubscribe". phrase is also illegal. Not bad from a company hosted on godaddy

Ps - I will create an account on our servers as you have agree under


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